OU Campus™ Modules

Dynamic plugins for enhanced functionality

Blogs Blogs

Build powerful connections with students, parents, faculty, and alumni through your blog using the same great functionality found in OU Campus.

Map Campus Map

The Interactive Campus Map is an engaging and completely customizable map that creates a virtual tour of your campus.

OU Calendar Calendar

Keep your website in sync with all the non-stop campus activity through a fully interactive calendar that can be easily shared and filtered.

Catalog Course Catalog

Guarantee your student body an accurate, timely, and readily accessible online course catalog managed by OU Campus.

Email Campaign Manager Email Campaign Manager

Create, send, and manage your responsive newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other important marketing campaigns with ease and certainty.

Emergency Alerts Emergency Alerts

When an unforeseen event occurs, quickly create a custom emergency announcement and prominently display it on your site for everyone to see.

Faculty Directory Faculty Directory

Enable your faculty to update their profiles with ease using form-like templates and have consistency throughout your directory.

Insights Insights

Get continual reports on key areas of your site's health outside of the publishing workflow, including SEO, accessibility, links, and spelling.

LDP Live Delivery Platform™

The OU Campus Live Delivery Platform enables a rich set of Web 2.0 apps to create a dynamic experience for website visitors.

phone Mobile Website

OmniUpdate not only gets your mobile site up and running, we give you an easy way to manage it.

Search Search

Help your users find the content they want by controlling and customizing searches on your website.

OU Mashup Social Media Mashup

Create a focal point for social media engagement on your public site that displays everything important to your institution.

Calculator TrueCost Calculator™

The TrueCost Calculator is a simple cost of attendance estimator for your site that allows you to specify tuition, fees, and more.