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This primer gives an overview of some of the new elements in HTML5 that are most likely to be of use to the higher education community, both for those looking to start a new web project as well as those who would simply like to incorporate some of the new standards into their existing code.

CSS3 logo


This primer shares how the certain CSS3 features deliver new tools for the higher education community when considering redesigns or even small, yet powerful improvements to the current design.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design

This primer discusses three principal ways a programmer can begin to achieve responsive design when building a website and offers a few important steps you can take today to satisfy the needs of smartphone, tablet, and other mobile users.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive Web Design

This primer defines adaptive web design and dissects it's relation to progressive enhancement, responsive web design, CSS3, and HTML5.

Web Governance

Web Governance

This tip sheet overviews the importance of web governance and explains how to effectively build a web governance plan designed to meet your strategic goals. The primer is provided in cooperation with VisionPoint Marketing.