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open source

Understanding Open Source: Free Puppy Syndrome and Other Maladies

Selecting a web CMS is a very important decision for colleges and universities to make. Open source solutions such as Drupal™ and WordPress are often considered. These types of systems can provide significant benefits, but they won’t work for everyone. This white paper uncovers the four most common reasons college and university web teams gravitate toward open source products and provides cautionary information about those arguments to help you make an educated decision for your own institution.

guide white paper

A Guide to Web Content Management System Evaluation

Purchasing a web content management system (CMS) can be a lengthy process and a very expensive one if proper steps are not taken to ensure the best fit for your institution. This white paper offers a general understanding of web content management, a suggested needs assessment for evaluating a CMS for a higher education institution, and typical areas of overspending that can occur.



xml white paper

XML and the College Website
When it comes to web content management, there are no greater challenges than repurposing content and template controlled publishing. Is XML, combined with XSL, the ideal way to tame the beast? This white paper discusses the benefits and looks at how a college or university can improve its web content management using this powerful technology.


Making Websites an Effective Recruitment Asset

Making Websites an Effective Recruitment Asset
While email, print, and other methods of interacting with students and parents remain important, there's no question that college websites have taken center stage in the effort to convey key messages and engage prospective students. This white paper discusses how colleges can use a content management system to keep their websites fresh, relevant, and engaging to students, while also promoting ownership and participation from multiple campus users.