Implementation is where it all begins for new OmniUpdate customers. The OmniUpdate Professional Services team is trained to work closely with you to understand your content management needs and customize the development of your OU Campus web templates accordingly. Or, you can work with an implementation partner of your choice.

The OmniUpdate implementation process includes three phases for the successful completion of your OU Campus CMS deployment: Planning, Development, and Transition to Support.


During the Planning phase, you and your Professional Services team will discuss the functional and technical requirements of the project and set the expectations of your CMS implementation. Your OU Campus purchase includes unlimited access to the Professional Services team during the lifecycle of your implementation.


The Development phase is the heart of the implementation process, where our Professional Services team installs and configures OU Campus, and develops and tests your templates. Your Professional Services team establishes an OU Campus staging environment that resides on our server or your institution's server, based on your deployment.

Based on your files and planning discussions, we determine the best approach to develop XSL templates with defined editable regions. Our team vigorously tests each template to ensure they meet all specification requirements, W3C standards for XHTML/HTML5, and to ensure the templates are Section 508 compliant, if applicable.

Transition to Support

Once we have completed our quality assurance checks and have ensured all functional and technical requirements have been met, your customized implementation of OU Campus is ready for your team to use. During this final phase of implementation, we conduct training for your staff on how to administer and use OU Campus. Once your site is ready for production, we are available for support on the day that you decide to go live.

Our relationship with your institution does not end after your implementation. Ongoing customer support is accompanied with every implementation of OU Campus and includes access to our team through phone (800.362.2605, option 2), our web-based HelpDesk, and email. Customers also have complete access to our Support site and the OmniUpdate Community Network (OCN), which includes discussion forums and a voting feature for future product enhancements.